Petroleum seminar - Oil and Gas including Unconventional Sources



24 July 2013


Adelaide Town Hall, King William Street, Adelaide.

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24 July 2013

The Adelaide City Council is proud to be able to support this thought provoking series. This twelfth seminar focuses on the issues and challenges facing South Australia’s resources companies. Rising energy prices and technological development has facilitated the exploitation of unconventional hydrocarbon resources. In the Australian context, coal seam gas is the unconventional hydrocarbon resource that is attracting quite some attention.



Barry Goldstein, Executive Director – Petroleum Geothermal, Department for Manufacturing Innovation Trade Resources and Energy will provide the Governments’ perspectives of unconventional gas.

Diana Hoff, Vice President Technical and Engineering, Santos Limited will provide an operators perspective on the keys to the shale revolution.

Chris Riggs, Managing Director, Farley Riggs, one of Australia’s largest Drill Stem Testing, Surface Well Testing and Data Acquisition service providers.

Dennis Cooke, University of Adelaide, Australian School of Petroleum Science, program manager for GeoFrac – the ASP’s research program in unconventional resources


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